How International Space Station Looks From Inside

Presenting you the inside tour of International Space Station – ISS with astronaut Suni Williams

Inside International Space Station

Here is a video of how International Space Station looks from inside. Known the feeling how does it feel like to fly over planet Earth.
A 29 Minute video shows Indian origin American astronaut Sunita Williams, also known as Suni Williams walking you through the International Space Station (ISS).
During her tour she describes

  • How bathrooms are used in space.
  • How astronauts sleeps.
  • Exercise that astronauts do in space.
  • Food available in kitchen.
  • What astronauts do in their free time.
  • Various laboratories in International Space Station (ISS) and much more

Check at 3:50 who would have thought that drinking water can look this cool.

After watching this video we want a trip to space.

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