People Actually Have Sex Up In The Sky While Skydiving. Airgasm is Real

And thus, the Airgasm is born.

Airgasm sex in the air while skydiving

A young woman seeking the good life wants to break into the adult entertainment industry. Her mentor suggests an incredible free-falling sex act to make a splash.

21 year old Hope Howell, trying to break into the porn industry tries to leave her lame job as a receptionist for a more exciting lifestyle. She was tempted by the cool life style of Alex “Voodoo” Torre with his toys and motorcycle.

Her words “Being in the air while having sex its an amazing feeling. Skydiving and having an adrenaline rush. Your senses come out, its heightened, you know. Like a better experience.”

Getting Airgasm, Having Sex While Skydiving

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Apparently its best sex she had in her life. That means by the age of 21, she has already ridden the cock carousel hard. It must’ve been great sex  if she was having 4 orgasms. That is the real Airgasm 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩.

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