Things That You Should Quit Right Now

There are many things in life that cause us to feel stress and sadness. Here are things you can quit doing to live a happy life.

Things to quit and be happy

Things to QUIT to be happy and successful

Here are the things you need to quit NOW

1) Quit chasing people

There is really no need. Chase your goals. To be happy you need to stop caring about those who don’t give a damn about you.

2) Quit getting bothered

Don’t get distracted when you see people succeed before you. Just focus on your path, your goal. Look at your life and not that of others. Quit Comparing.

3) Quit getting addicted to negative things in life

They are – smoke, lust, negative news, alcohol etc. You know all of it is just slow poison . You know smoking kills. You know drugs kill. Alcohol,taken in excess it kills too. If you are so well aware of what it does to you, are you still going to give it the power to slowly suck the life out of you? Quit. Now is the moment. Your body is a temple, not a trash can.

4) Quit living the life of others

Quit living life of others

Do not make yourself pathetic. Do not insult yourself. Stop . Instead be the best version of YOU. Be who you are created to be and you’ll set the world on fire.

5) Quit thinking too much

It’s a golden rule to think before you speak, but you can run into trouble when you think so much that you fail to act. Just stop thinking and act.

6) Quit Living in the past

To hold on past always creates suffering, even if it was wonderful.

~ Teal scott

7) Quit playing games with hearts

If you do not love, just say and leave. As simple as that. Your love is fake but the pain that it will cause will be real. Fake love is just words….

Happy Girls
If you have some other points that we should add to our list of ‘Thinks to Quit’ please mention them in the comment below.


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