Online Shopping Hack – Amazon, Flipkart Online Shopping Tips

Presenting you one of the best Online Shopping HACK to save money on shopping online.

Online Shopping Hack

One of the best online shopping hack to save money while purchasing online is to compare product prices and opt for the lowest price. TRICK here is to use an automated software to do this for you.

One of the ways to save money online is to use an extension.

You can use BuyHatke to automatically get the lowest price. BuyHatke has an Amazing extension for Indian e-commerce buyers which they can use in Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay and other e-commerce websites to buy the product online at the much lower or perhaps at the cheapest price available.

Online Shopping Hack Steps To Save Money Online

1) Switch to Desktop / Laptop

We recommend you to use your PC while you shop online.

2) Use BuyHatke Extension for Chrome

Download the extension here and activate it

3) Go shop online and save money.

BuyHatke features that helps you save money online while you shop

1) Price Graph

It shows you a price graph of the product below the product page which gives you a price variation of the product telling you how the price for the product varied over a period of time and helps you decide whether you should buy a particular product or not.

Now you will know if they are actually selling the product at the lower price or just making a fool out of us.

2) Compare Prices

Compares prices from over 140 shopping portals and tells you where the price is the lowest. No need to manually search for the lowest price. Get the product at the cheapest price available.

3) Price Alerts

You can set price drop alert on any product. Whenever the prices get reduced you will be notified automatically via email.

4) Applies Coupon Automatically

You get an apply coupon button when you checkout at major shopping sites. Just click on it and it fetches the best coupon codes from all over the net and applies the best coupon among them for you to save money online.

Now you know of the best Online Shopping Hack. Go ahead, shop online safely and save your money. So if next time someone ask you a shopping trick don’t forget to share this online shopping tips with them.


Shop Smart because Money Saved is Money Earned.

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