Reliance Jio Selling User Data To Ad Networks, Claims Anonymous India

Hacktivist group ‘Anonymous’ claims 2 apps sending user info to Mad-Me network at Singapore

Reliance Jio Selling User Data

Last year Anonymous India had warned people about how Reliance Jio is allegedly sending private data including user location data to China. This time, they are claiming that Reliance Jio is sharing all the call data with foreign companies.

Earlier we published articles on Reliance Jio Features & declassified information on Reliance Jio Plans today we will be talking about new disclosures on Reliance Jio which are made by Anonymous Group who are famous for exposing flaws in Internet.

Anonymous India says that all cellular data including phone numbers, call duration and more are being sent to servers based in US and Singapore.

Two of Jio’s apps- My Jio and Jio Dialer are apparently sending user information to an ad platform Mad-Me. The ad network’s servers are based out of the US and that might explain why the cellular data is turning up at foreign servers

Anonymous Group Claims Reliance Jio

Here is the proof by Anonymous India to validate their claims of user data sharing by Reliance Jio

  • Install burp suite free edition from here.
  • Setup your Android device to route the traffic via burp suite.
  • Ensure that you have My Jio app and Jio dialer app installed and updated.
  • Begin capturing and turn off the intercept.
  • It can be observed that calling data is sent at random interval to
  • Despite using the native dialer one will still see the packet being sent in proxy history.

The Anonymous collective of hackers has been at the forefront at the cyberspace, exposing flaws in the internet and waging a war against privacy-violators, cyber terrorists and internet bullies.

If the information provided by Hactivist group is true than Reliance Jio is clearly violating users’ privacy.

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