LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner launches three new products for Indian Audience

On Monday, LinkedIn unveiled three new products for Indian Audience. All of the three were entirely developed by its 250 person strong R&D team of LinkedIn Bengaluru.

LinkedIn Launches 3 new products for Indai

LinkedIn, which was acquired by Microsoft in June for $26.2 billion, on Monday unveiled three new products for Indian Audience. 

3 new products launched by LinkedIn focusing on Indian market :

1.LinkedIn lite

Similar to facebook lite, it will decrease load time and save bandwidth. LinkedIn claims that the Lite site, which the company has built from scratch over the past 12 weeks, will feature a stripped-down design so it loads up to four times faster on mobile devices.

2.LinkedIn placement

This will provide college students a platform irrespective of where they are based. Students can log in to the site to take an online assessment test which can give them direct access to thousands of openings.

3. LinkedIn starter pack.

Platform specifically designed for startups. This is a premium platform for hiring and learning for startups.

All of the three were entirely developed by its 250-person-strong R&D outfit in Bengaluru. India is home to LinkedIn’s second-largest user base with 37 million members, only behind the US, which has over 130 million users. Design and made it India.

“There’s a lot of learning from what we are going to do here that we think can be extended elsewhere beyond India,” said Jeff Weiner .


Here is the video footage of the conversation

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