WhatsApp New Terms & Conditions Declassified – Data Sharing With Facebook

There is new WhatsApp terms & conditions and privacy policy now. New Privacy policy will allow data sharing with Facebook.

WhatsApp New Terms N Conditions

Recently WhatsApp Rolled out new terms & conditions and users should clearly understand what new privacy policy means for them. This post will clear your doubts regarding WhatsApp new terms & conditions

Here are some of the points that you should read to understand the new WhatsApp terms & conditions.

1) Data Sharing With Facebook

WhatsApp can now share your data like your phone number with Facebook which will help them to target better ads and improve friend suggestions. Facebook can also read device type, connection information, usage and software information, although messages will continue to be encrypted.

2) Services are coming on WhatsApp

The new privacy policy will also allow business accounts for the first time. WhatsApp plans to make the app a home for customer service, allowing companies to contact users. Like, airlines can contact users about delayed flights or banks to warn them about fraudulent transactions.

3) New Copyright Tools


The new WhatsApp policy update has a section on intellectual property, copyrights and trademarks. It suggests that WhatsApp may give users an option to claim copyright infringement against profile picture.

For now, users can opt out of sharing data with Facebook, but will have to agree to the new privacy policy within 30 days.

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